V Mask
V Mask
V Mask
V Mask

V Mask

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Effective treatment for lax tissue and post-operative care
Patented ingredients with 5 different growth factors.
Non-surgical lifting ability and wound healing ability.
This fantastic hydro mask has a pleasant and cooling effect which helps to lower the skin temperature, reduce swelling and recover skin inflammations and provides stable support over the jaw/cheek area after e.g.:
  • Minimal surgical intervention (such as thread lift)
  • Dermatology
  • Plastic surgery
  • Also improves the skin's structure, reduction of wrinkles, dry skin and problem skin (such as acne)

(You as a clinic can also have this product for sale in your clinic/webshop. V-Mask has a very positive effect and provides a demonstrably longer lasting result after Thread Lift)


Fluidless hydrogel v-mask 23ml x 5ea
The hydro mask is made with hydrocolloid technology that consists of 80% moisture.
The long evaporation rate keeps the skin moisturized for longer and when used for a longer period it helps to stimulate blood circulation which also improves the texture of the skin.
As the skin's structure changes, it can maintain its firm and elastic state.