About us

About us

Clinicals Nordic AB was founded in 2020.
Our vision is to be a close, personal and secure partner in beauty care in the Nordics.
Together with experienced doctors, we carefully select our range.
We are exclusive distributors and all products come directly from manufacturing companies, no intermediaries.
This means that you, as our customer, can always be confident that your products are of the highest quality and that we comply with all legal requirements.
Our target group is registered doctors, dentists and nurses.
You are important to us and we always work for a close, personal and safe partnership with our suppliers and customers, with the promise to give you good service and a positive customer experience.
In 2022, we opened up our academy where, among other things, we certify therapists in Tesslift.

Sara Navaee,

Founder and CEO. Sara works as a Product Specialist, customer relations and coordinator in the Academy. Sara is incredibly driven and loves to have many things in the air. She works quickly and efficiently and is more than happy to help you. Sara has 8 years of experience in aesthetics and 17 years of experience in sales and customer care.

Telephone: 070-4446434



Sasan Navaee,

Founder and Vice President
Sasan works everyday with customers and business development.
He has a B2B background with experience such as Group manager, Key Account Manager and Business Developer at ApoEx.
Sasan loves working with people and opportunities.

Phone: +46(0)70-8109809
Email: sasan@clinicals.se



Dr. Carl Westerby,
Founder of Forma Vita AB . Dr. Westerby has worked in aesthetic medicine since 2009 and has since a year been trained in Tesslift at the university clinic in Bangkok, Thailand and then in South Korea. Dr. Westerby is CMO (Chief Medical Officer). He is a Nordic trainer and certifies registered nurses, dentists and doctors.