Essential - TESSLIFT Certification
Essential - TESSLIFT Certification
Essential - TESSLIFT Certification
Essential - TESSLIFT Certification
Essential - TESSLIFT Certification
14 990 kr

Essential - TESSLIFT Certification

Stockholm Dr. Carl Westerby January 17 09:00-16:00

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In step 1 you get an in-depth theoretical introduction and deepening of the Tesslift and Mesh scaffold technology.

During the practical training on your own model, you will learn the latest and most effective techniques.
Complication management is included in all Tesslift training courses.

Certification in Tesslift is only carried out by our Nordic/global KOL (key opinion leaders)
As a participant, you can always be sure that your trainer is an expert in his field and that we can always guarantee you training of the very highest quality.

Treatment areas:
- Jaw lift
- Kindlyft
- Throat
- Eyebrow lift/foxyeyes

The practical part may vary slightly depending on your model, but the main focus is on the practical training.

You bring your own model, the model gets a heavily reduced price. Exact price can be given after consultation.
If you want us to help with the model, you need to let us know well in advance.

- Clinicals provides lunch, coffee and educational material during the day.

After the training, it is important that you get good support to get started in the best way.
You will be well supported by us all the way, everything from starter materials, account creation, images, training videos, checklists, cost estimates, marketing materials, etc.
As a certified therapist, you also get a better price on Tesslift's V-derm product range: word price SEK 7,490 ex VAT, your price 5990:- ex VAT/packaging.

* If you want us to help you print marketing materials with your own logo, we have a good negotiated price with a local printing company.


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