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Educator Dr. Carl Westerby - 4 September

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ABOUT: This is a basic training with TESSLIFT for you who already have a good knowledge of anatomy and we would like you to have previous experience with wire lifting.

The training gives you an in-depth theoretical introduction and immersion in Tesslift and its uniqueness Mesh Scaffold technology.

Most of the training is focused on the practical training that you perform on your own model.

Treatment areas : Jaw lift, cheek lift, nasolabial and neck lift.

Here you will learn the latest and most effective treatment techniques for a successful facelift without surgery.

(the practical part may vary slightly depending on the model)

You bring your own model to the course that is suitable for this treatment, if you are unsure, please consult the trainer in charge.

If you want us to help you with a model, let us know well in advance.

The pdo threads used during the training are - TESSLIFT V-derm

When purchasing our starter package in connection with a course, you can deduct the course fee.

- Clinicals provides lunch, coffee and educational material during the day.

After completing the training, it is important that you get good support to get started in the best way.
You will be well supported by us all the way, everything from starter materials, account creation, images, training videos, checklists, cost estimates, marketing materials, etc.

After completing the course, you will receive a treatment certificate, signed by the responsible trainer.

As a certified therapist, you also get a better price on Tesslift's V-derm product range: word price SEK 7,490 ex VAT, your price SEK 5,990 ex VAT/packaging.

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