Tesslift soft NC (Nasal COLUMELLA) 19G - 50mm
Tesslift soft NC (Nasal COLUMELLA) 19G - 50mm
Tesslift soft NC (Nasal COLUMELLA) 19G - 50mm
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Tesslift soft NC (Nasal COLUMELLA) 19G - 50mm


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 Material PDO

10 ea, 18G Cannula



Cannula typ

U(W) typ


USP 1 (Central Suture), USP 7-0 (Surrounding Net)

Mesh / Barb design

360° 3D mesh, 360° barb

Tesslift SOFT NASAL COLUMELLA is part of the Soft Rihno series NOSE.
  • Straighter Columella, nasal wall.
  • Narrower tip of the nose
  • Correction and restoration of the tip of the nose
What makes Tesslift unique on the market is the special woven mesh that surrounds it
360 ° rotating, 3D cog wire.
Specially designed mesh induces significant tissue growth (tissue integration) of surrounding tissues through their pores.
This increases the tensile strength and makes the Tesslift whole 80 times stronger and gives up to 4 times longer durability than other conventional threads.
Tesslift also increases and prolongs the effect of collagen stimulation.
The package contains 10 ea (equivalent to 20 pcs)
In the stylish Tesslift packaging, the threads are in sterile vacuum packaging in pairs. (2 pcs) This reduces any wastage if the entire package is not used in a treatment.
Clinicals offers ongoing Tesslift training. The trainings are held by our experienced doctors - Key opinion Leaders.
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