Facial bandage
Facial bandage
149 kr

Facial bandage


Gives your customers the best conditions from a successful facelift.

A stable facial bandage that provides support and relief after, for example, a thread lift. The main areas of use are the jaw, cheek, chin and neck.

Nice and flexible face bandage, adjustable in size.

The purpose of this facial dressing is to reduce swelling and give the customer a comfortable support and reduce the risk of wear and tear immediately after a thread lift.

The face band is also appreciated for other types of treatments, for example Belkyra, Coolsculpting under the chin, etc.

  • Material: Elastic Bio Neoprene (normally used for waterproof clothing)
  • Reusability: Reusable - lifespan depends on circumstances and handling.
  • Washing: Hot water, hand wash.

When buying 10, you get 11.