RMDA-S can be used with good results directly in the skin care routine as a "serum" or with dermaroller 2 times / week.


But to achieve the best results, RMDA-S does best on "damaged" skin performed by professional therapists. 




  • Use RMDA-S in combination with other skin treatments: Laser, microneedling or dermapen.
  • Recommended depth - 1.2mm in the face.
  • RMDA-S can be used anywhere on the body (not mucous membranes, eyelids) 

How many treatments are recommended? 

As a professional contractor, you set up a recommended treatment plan together with your customer based on needs. Varies slightly depending on the combined treatment you performed. Example: In Microneedling - 3x during 3 week intervals.


When do you see results?
You usually see results immediately after the first treatment. The skin immediately gets a nice glow, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, but after a few days you see the "final result" after the first treatment. Depending on the skin type and problem areas, more treatments may sometimes be required to achieve the desired result, such as acne scars and stretch marks. 
What does the recovery time look like after a treatment?
Immediately after treatment, you may have some redness (this is due to combination treatment with Microneedling, laser or dermapen. RMDA-S does not cause redness or damage to the skin layer. RMDA-S penetrates deep (cell level) and restores / repairs.
RMDA-S is CPNP-Approved as a cosmetic - the product must not be injected in Nordic countries.