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About us

Sara navaee

Founder and CEO of Clinicals Nordic AB.

Sara is a product specialist and works primarily with customer relations and coordinates the academy. Sara is incredibly driven and loves to have a lot of balls in the air. She works quickly and efficiently and is more than happy to help you. Sara has many years of experience in the aesthetic industry and over 17 years of experience in sales and customer care. If you want answers to your questions or have guidance, Sara is the right person to contact!


Founder and Vice President of Clinicals Nordic AB.

Sasan works with customer relations and business development internationally but also in Sweden.
He has a B2B background with experience such as Group manager, Key Account Manager and Business Developer at ApoEx.
Sasan loves to work with people and opportunities. Sasan also has good knowledge of the regulatory laws and regulations applicable in the distribution of medical devices.

Dr. Carl Westerby

Founder Forma Vita AB .

Dr. Westerby has been working in aesthetic medicine since 2009 and has since 2 years trained in Tesslift at the University Clinic in Bank for the past two years. Thailand and then South Korea. Dr. Westerby is CMO. (Chief Medical Officer) For Clinicals Nordic AB.

Dr. Westerby is a fantastic and well-known educator in aesthetic medicine in Sweden and internationally.